Medicinal Uses of Watermelon

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Watermelon – creeping vine, annual plant. The root penetrates the soil to a depth of 1 m. The stem is strong, with a mustache who cling to lumps of soil and promote stalk the earth. Leaves are gray-green, lobed, three or five lobes. Blooms in June-July. Flowers yellow, large, single-or bisexual. Fruit – berry false spherical or oval. Harvested in August and September.

The flesh of watermelon contains 90% water, a small number of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin C (other vitamins in watermelon contains a few), folic acid, alkaline substances. It has a lot of magnesium and potassium. For therapeutic purposes, use the fruit, including rind. Watermelon is a diuretic, anti-sclerotic, protivoanemichnym, lowers blood pressure, antifebrific, choleretic action.

Warning: People who suffer from bloating, water-melons are in large quantities is not recommended. Patients with atherosclerosis are not recommended to drink watermelon watermelon jam and honey.

Treatment of folk remedies :

Adenoma of prostate
Eat daily 2 kg of flesh watermelon or drink watermelon juice 1-2 cup 4 times a day. After 10-12 days, the tumor should decrease. It is useful to mix the watermelon juice with carrot.

Eat every day for 3-4 pieces of watermelon, while continuing treatment, the doctor suggested.

Observe unloading diet: fish day, cheesecake, apple, watermelon – 1.5 kg of watermelon rind without eating during the day, dividing this number on 5 receptions.

Inflammation of the colon
Pour 100 grams of dried and chopped watermelon peels 2 cups boiling water and infuse until cool. Take 1 / 2 cup 4 times a day.

High Temperature
Rub in the cold water melon seeds in the proportion 1:10. Take 1 teaspoon every 2 hours.

Headache , migraine
Drink 2 cups of watermelon juice slow sips. Bind to the forehead and temples thick watermelon rind.

1) Watermelon seeds dried in the oven and mince, then mix with milk in a ratio of 1:10. Take during the day. In total, you need to drink 2 cups between meals.
2) Fresh watermelon seeds crushed. But do not grind. Take 100 g of seeds and pour 1 liter of cold water, boil on low heat 45 minutes then remove from heat. Take 1 cup 3 times a day.

Urine acid diathesis
Pour 2 tablespoons of chopped watermelon peels 0.5 liters of boiling water, to filter. Take 1 / 2 cup of infusion 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Dried in an oven and pound to a powder watermelon rinds. First 2 days in a row to take 1 teaspoon of powder of rhubarb in the day, and on the third day – 2 teaspoons powdered watermelon. As the drink warmed use red wine (for adults) or decoction of chamomile (for children).

Eat for breakfast and dinner for 500 grams of watermelon and a dinner drink only raw cold filtered water.

Constipation Chronic
1) Eat every 1 kg of watermelon pulp. After 5-6 days of constipation passes.
2) Finely chop the watermelon rinds and dry, pound to a powder. Pour 1 tablespoon of powder into a watermelon 1 cup mint infusion (1 teaspoon peppermint herbs to 1 cup of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes), take before meals with plum jam. Watermelon rinds to keep no more than 1 year.

Drink 1 glass of watermelon juice.

Coronary artery disease
Squeeze the juice from the pulp of the watermelon, add the juice of two apples. Take 2 cups daily.

1) From 17 to 21 hours local time (at this time is most pronounced biorhythm kidneys) to draw water into the tub and sit in it, take a warm bath for four hours and all this time there is a watermelon. Urinate directly into the bath. For the women out of sand and stones may pass unnoticed at all, and men may receive a pain in the urethra. Such baths should be taken in the presence of loved ones at home, because it may start a hypertensive attack.
2) During the week, only eat watermelon and black bread.

The seeds of watermelon and rub pour cold water in a ratio of 1:10. Take 1 cup per day, adding to the “watermelon jelly” for a taste of sugar. Helps with edema caused by diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In the first 4 days of onset watermelon juice gargle four times a day, using 1 / 4 cup juice.

Imposed on the hemorrhoidal pads soaked in watermelon juice, pre-washed in cold water. Juice is good to stop bleeding.

Flabby, wrinkled skin
Mix 2 tablespoons watermelon juice with 1 tablespoon of wheat or oatmeal gruel apply on face and neck for 15 minutes.

Oily skin
Take 2 teaspoons of fresh cottage cheese, mixed with an equal amount of watermelon juice, add 1 / 4 teaspoon salt, stir and put on your skin. After 5 minutes, put the mask again and wash off after 15 minutes of salted boiling water.

1) Attach to the place of burning a piece of ice from watermelon juice. After 2-3 days the burn should go.
2) The pulp and juice of watermelon placed in a clean glass jar, cork and leave at room temperature for 3 months. Sour juice should drain. Moisten it and pieces of gauze bandage to put them on the surface of the burn for 1-2 minutes. Burns degree I and II are usually for a week, and burns III degree – 3 weeks.

Low back pain, dystonia
Pour into the bath with water temperature 37 ° C, 200 grams of dissolved baking soda and put 200-300 grams of fresh watermelon with rind. Take a bath for 20 minutes after 1 day. Course – 15 sessions.

Wounds and bruises

Apply to wounds, cuts, bruises watermelon flesh wound wash watermelon juice.

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